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advice and support Access to reliable information about medicines to support patient questions Clinical pharmacists are taking on greater roles in primary care, particularly within general practice.This document suggests resources for use in primary care to answer medicines-related questions
advice and support Advice support for local GPs - (Camb & Peterborough ) LMC - represents GPs in Cambs Hunts & Peterborough
advice and support Alcohol Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
advice and support Alcohol / students Medical Council on Alcohol
advice and support Coaching and Mentoring forGPs in East Anglia AKESO is a coaching / mentoring network for doctors who feel they might benefit from time to reflect on issues they face that may impact on their work & life.
advice and support Confidential Counselling BMA Doctors for Doctors service
advice and support Confidential Counselling National Counseling Service for Sick Doctors
advice and support Drugs, alcohol British Doctors' and Dentists' Group
advice and support finances the way to find help for money issues - this will help direct you to appropriate charities for advice and support
advice and support Getting back into practice If you haven't worked for 2years or are coming back after working abroad - there's a scheme to support you
advice and support Health BMA doctors for doctors
advice and support Info / financial assistance Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF)
advice and support Info / financial assistance Support 4 doctors
advice and support Issues affecting work and wellbeing Doctors' Support Network / Doctors Support Line
advice and support Legal Medical Defence Union MDU
advice and support Legal Medical Protection Society(MPS)
advice and support Mental health The Tavistock Clinic. London
advice and support Occupational health OH can be accessed by you, your organisation, appraisal team or LMC can help you. Do make contact with one of them for further advice
advice and support Stress International Stress Management Association (ISMA)
advice and support Substance Misuse - students or doctors. Sick doctors trust